Hunchback Adjustable Corrector

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Yoga, Pilates Body Workout Portable Pilates Bar  Posture Correction Sticks

After a lot of research, we found that most of the current posture correctors can not satisfy customers, so we developed this product. In many countries, most families have our posture corrector,people use to correct posture and yoga exercise, because it is very effective and can be used by adults and our children. You can try it.

More Healthier, More Confident You!The difference our posture corrector can make for you and your family!

Perfect for Yoga enthusiasts, Office workers, Low-headed people, students,gifts for family and friends.

The retractable design is very convenient, and both adults and children can use it.

Built a good posture for your kids, a good posture is essential to the healthy growth of children

Relief of back pain , relieve chest hunchback, neck, and back pain caused by long-term work and looking down at mobile phone and computer.

Unlike the wearable posture corrector, it doesn’t strangle your shoulders, it doesn’t sweat, and if you keep using it for 10-20 minutes a day, it will have amazing results.

Made of stainless steel and foam, the reinforced stainless steel pipe is strong and durable , and the high-density foam is soft and comfortable.

Improper posture of students can easily cause myopia, poor overall temperament and affect bone growth.

Hunchbacked peopleHunchbacked people have poor overall posture and are in great need of posture correction

Office workers often back pain, our posture corrector can stretch their back, use a few minutes after the body is obviously a lot more comfortable


Safe to use, durable, and environmentally friendly. You can use it with more confidence..

Applicable Place: To create a beautiful figure, reshape the charming body and correct the tight waist and the front of the neck.

Smooth Surface: Its smooth surface doesn’t hurt the hands, without burrs, with manual polishing, smooth and comfortable touch.

Function: Give the slim S-shaped waist, create a beautiful chest, and shaping the beautiful body.

Using Method: Put the stick inside and take it out, keep the holder tight, and slowly tighten your head. Open your shoulders to correct the contracted waist and reshape the beautiful body.

Adjustable Length, Free Expansion: Meet the needs of different heights, the shortest 54cm and the longest 86cm can be adjusted, simple and convenient operation, and you can take the Yoga Stick to the gym or other places you want.

Build a perfect figure! Improve the hunchback, your bones are healthier, you will become more confident with our Prevent humpback! This stick provides your body with much-needed support to help improve your overall spine health and posture, you will have a straight posture and be more confident, healthy, and younger. To meet different heights, the shortest 21.26in and the longest 33.86 inches can be adjusted, simple and convenient. Moreover, it comes with a lanyard at the end of the handle to save space, you can take the stick to the gym or other places you want. This back brace stick is especially suitable for people with a slight hunchback, children, people with bowed heads, long-term desk workers, and office workers. Pull your muscles and spine back into the original alignment for posture improvement with this product! Buy now!


Material: stainlesssteel+foam+PP3, safe to use, durable landing ironmen tally friendly.You can use it with more confidence!


Home Workout

Unlike wearable posture correctors, you don’t need to wear them all the time, just use them for 10 to 30 minutes at leisure, one posture corrector can be used by the whole family and is easy to store.


Newly upgraded body opener
open back beauty
Correct posture
Improve temperament

Product information:

Product category: Stretching belt/yoga rope
Material: ABS.
Applicable scenario: fitness and beauty, dance
Design: no

Packing list:

The plastic stick*1

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