Deft Hair Bun

26blue wavelet point 3pcs
1white 6pcs
1white 3pcs
26blue wavelet point 6pcs
14big floral black 3pcs
14big floral black 6pcs
20white letter D
30new pearl white
7Small broken flower yellow
21Black letters
14big floral black
29new pearl pink
26blue wavelet point
32new pearl silver gray
4wine red
8Small floral blue
36Zhongxing Pengyue
28New Pearl Wine Red
27blue floral
16big floral blue rose
33Moshang flowering
25blue grid
35Flowers like brocade
19Big Broken Flower Green Lea
22net red small floral
6Black wave point
6pcs 17Big Broken Flower White
15big broken flower lotus pow
38Net yarn polka dot beige
13big broken flower white
10Small floral purple
37Canghai legacy
23blue illustration
39Net yarn wave point pink
24Ocean system wavelet point
5White wave point
3pcs 17Big Broken Flower White
11Small broken flower orange
9small floral pink
40Net yarn wave point black
31new pearl black
18Big Broken Flower Beige Lea
2black 3pcs
4wine red 6pcs
2black 6pcs
4wine red 3pcs
Pink 6pcs
Pink 3pcs
17Big Broken Flower White Ros
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No matter how beautiful and feminine long hair is, it can sometimes become extremely difficult to manage during the hot summer days, as you tend to sweat and your hair can get tangled up. With this new Deft bun product, you can hairstyle for daily life. This magic deft bun is made of premium polyester staple fiber and provides excellent performance for absorbency, wicking, durability, and abrasion resistance. It is also easy to clean and care for. The product has a built-in high-strength metal strip with a diameter of 2 mm. The metal strip has strong foldability. At the same time, the bold metal strip can be easily expanded to restore it to its original shape, not easy to deform, and does not affect the next use. It only takes a few minutes to make a special look all by yourself. Easy but elegant! Get it now!


    12 colors for you. Suitable for thick and thin hair. It can fix your hair well and won’t let your hair slip down.
    Deft Bun uses fabric that is comfortable and versatile. Easy care wash, Lay flat to dry. Provide excellent performance for absorbency, wicking, durability, and abrasion resistance.
    Deft Bun just 35 g, slip it into your pocket that uses it anytime, anywhere.
    Deft Bun is perfect for daily Wear, Sports, Going out, Beach, Teams, Clubbing, Prom, Party. Etc


Product information:

Material: Cloth
Style: Korean style/Korean style
Print LOGO: Yes
Style: Women's
Modeling: Bowknot
Processing technology: manual
Applicable gift-giving occasions: advertising promotion
Custom processing: Yes
Color: yellow,
4# wine red,
5#White wave point,
6# black wave point,
7#Small broken flower yellow,
8#Small floral blue,
9#Small floral pink,
10# small broken flower purple,
11# small broken flower orange,
12#Leopard print,
13#big broken flower white,
14#big floral black,
15#big broken flower lotus powder
16#big floral blue rose,
17# large floral white rose,
18#Big Broken Flower Beige Leaves,
19#Big broken flower green leaves,
20#white letter D,
21# black letters,
22# net red small broken flowers,
23# blue illustration,
24#Ocean system wavelet point,
25# blue grid
,26#blue wavelet point,
27# blue floral,
28# new pearl wine red,
29# new pearl pink,
30# new pearl white,
31# new pearl black,
32# new pearl silver gray,
33# Moshang blooms,
35#The flowers are like brocade,
36# Zhongxing Pengyue,
37# Canghai legacy,
38#Net yarn polka dot beige,
39#Net yarn, wave, point pink,
40#Net yarn, wave, point black
Popular elements: Bohemia, retro, floral, flowers, three-dimensional decoration
Packaging: Individually packed

Packing list:



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